ilcoPower ICS3

Ilcon’s 3rd generation 32bit microcontroller based system for applications with the highest requirements and performance.

The control system can be programmed and customized for various applications such as speed presets, custom actuator positions (safety area prevention) , sequential drive , collision detection, tilt sensing, actuator presence/error detection, custom locking functions, power limitations, soft-start and -stop functions and control of multiple i/o channels. The onboard prorietary IlcoBUS system links system accessories such as hand controls, attendant consoles, footswicthes, sidepanels etc. with the option of freely and fully configurable locking options over the complete system.

The system is compatible with All Ilcon drives (Analog and digital) all control elements (IP, Nurse, Footcontrol). With the available DIN translator cables, earlier generation Ilcon control boxes also can be replaced with this new modell.

Developers can access and modify over 100 different parameters through a Proprietary Windows based user interface, monitor system performance, manage and obeserve cycle tests digitally. Maintenence personnel can access life cycle and fault history information. The system has been developed  to fully cover the needs for Care and Hospital beds, as well as various industrial applications. The fully enclosed housing withstands water and dust upto IP66. The built-in widerange SMPS powers the unit from a 100-240V source with upto 400W peak power, meeting all Medical requirements.

Fully certified to IEC 60601-1 (Safety) and 60601-1-2 (EMC), additionally requirments for hospital and nursing care beds (60601-2-52) were taken into account during the design and development of the product.


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ilcoPower ICS3 PRO Specifications:

Input: 115-240 Vac; 50-60 Hz; max. 5 A
Output: max 400W peak
Duty cycle: 10% max. 2 min ON/ 18 min. OFF, max. 5 cycles/min