Movement is part and parcel of our life. Movement is even more important to people who are immobile: When they are ill or disabled. Such people are dependent upon care in order to be re-familiarized with every day activities or indulge in more. In hospitals and healthcare facilities they are cared for by nurses, which is a time-consuming and difficult job.

Electrical medical products provide relief if they can be electrically operated by the nurses to make their daily routines easier to manage or by the patients or residents themselves to relieve the nursing staff even more. These products include hospital beds and healthcare beds, but also lifters, day beds and stretchers. ilcon strives to find perfect solutions for the linear actuator market in order to make the lives of caregivers and patients alike a little easier.

These solutions are designed and customized according to the application’s requirements – ilcon does not offer “off the shelf” solutions but rather takes the time to create actuator systems that do what they should: Help people helping people!