About Us

ilcon is a leading innovator in designing and supplying linear motion systems – ranging from actuators, to controls and power sources for this vitally important segment of the Care Industry. From sophisticated hospital beds and treatment chairs, patient lifters and easy to use Nursing Care beds to economically based home care beds – ilcon has the perfect solution.

Our products have nearly 25 years of solid experience in this market, providing reliability and performance second to none in the field.

The reliability of our products has also been proven in other market segments starting with the Theater Seating industry and expanding into the heavy-duty machine shop environment, where dependability, longevity, safety and solid functionality are critical of requirements.

It is our goal to be a long-term partner for our customers, not just a supplier. In turn we like our customers to think of us as more than just a vendor. We want them to think of us as part of a unique, co-creative relationship, as we work together to design and engineer new solutions to improve the life of patients and caretakers as well as users of various applications alike.

In order to find the perfect solution to the customers’ individual requirements we work in close partnership during the early design phases. This entails the customer benefitting from ilcon’s years of experience in the linear motion market, while having a reliable long-term partner that will prove its quality everyday with every shipment and in all new projects.

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