ilcoLink ICS3

Ilcon’s 3rd generation microcontroller-system for applications with the highest requirements and performance. The control system can be programmed and customized for various applications such as speed presets, custom actuator positions (safety area prevention) , sequential drive , collision detection, actuator presence detection, custom locking functions, soft-start and -stop functions and control of multiple i/o channels.

IlcoLink is an optional device for the ICS3 system that enables extra options to the controlbox like:

  1. additional 2 actuators like: lateral tilt, stand-up bed, bed extension, 5th caster release etc.
  2. connect 2 additional control elements such as attendant console, sidepanels, footcontrols, external limit switches either digital or analog. Further operating elements can be connected to the system with junction cables.
  3. connect reading lamps, underbed lights, USB sockets

Fully certified to IEC 60601-1 (Safety) and 60601-1-2 (EMC), additionally requirments for hospital and nursing care beds (60601-2-52) were taken into account during the desin and development of the product. The unit is sealed, with Ip66 water and dust protection.


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ilcoLink ICS3 Specifications:

Input: 29 Vdc; max. 9 A
Channel A,C: 29 Vdc, max.: 9 A / channel
Channel B,D: 12 Vdc, max.: 1,5 A / channel
Channel E, F: 5 Vdc, max.: 1,5 A / channel
All channels together max.: 9,5 A
Duty cycle: 10% max. 2 min ON/ 18 min. OFF, max. 5 cycles/min