ilcoEnergy ICS3

Ilcon’s 3rd generation microcontroller-system for applications with the highest requirements and performance. IlcoEnergy has an 1,2Ah, Valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery, certified for healthcare and nursing applications. The built-in charger enables the unit to be applied to other products as well standalone. The embedded software tracks battery status, charges and discharges automatically to prolong battery life. Acoustic and visual warning signals alert caregivers if the battery needs maintenance or replacement. Its possible to mount the unit directly to the Ilcopower controlbox, or standalone to the bedframe, or to the actuators. The unit is fully enclosed, sealed, with IP66 protection.

Fully certified to IEC 60601-1 (Safety) and 60601-1-2 (EMC), additionally requirments for hospital and nursing care beds (60601-2-52) were taken into account during the desin and development of the product.


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ilcoEnergy ICS3 Specifications:

Charge input: 29 Vdc; max. 0,2 A
Output: 24 Vdc; max. 9 A
Capacity: 1,2 Ah