Antibacterial hand controls!

As a reaction to latest news, more and more people interested about antiviral and antibacterial possibilities not just in hospital environment but in all aspects of life. Our customers are not exception, that’s why our company started to widening it’s portfolio with optional antibacterial hand controls in all type.

The material of these products are treated with state-of-art Cationinc silver Ag+ or better known as silver ion additive, which is a highly reactive compound and willingly binds to tissue proteins, causing structural changes in bacterial cell walls and nuclear membranes. The substance is bactericidal against more than 100 strains of bacteria and common fungi, for example multidrug resistance bacteria.

During the development of our new treatment technology safety was our first priority. Silver ion additive could not migrate from products and the compound alone is safety for humans and the environment too. Our new option could be a good solution for professional and home healthcare applications especially in these critical times!

If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Take care!

Ilcon Development Team