ilcoControl VIP

Elegant design with the solidity of a fully certified and tested handset, the ilcoControl VIP guarantees a great way of controlling different types of linear actuator systems, both in medical and healthcare environments. Offering IPx6 protection and fully certified to DIN EN 60601-1:2006 the handsets underlines ilcon’s dedication to medical applications.
The optimised locking switch of the ilcoControl VIP through three different switching positions now allows a separate release of individual functions. As need may be, only the standard unctions and/or the Trendelenburg function can be released. Locking the entire hand control unit is, of course, also still possible. This extension can make your system more effi-
cient since the components that at present are still required, e.g. the locking box ilcoControl NL, are then no longer necessary and assembly is made much easier, too. The new ilcoControl VIP is amended by a second optional switching layer (DII System) for double safety. At the first level, the motor control func-tion is first centrally released before, at the second level, the motors switches over to the desired function. In addition, the new ilcoControl VIP is now also optionally available in safety class IPx6, thus ideal for healthcare and hospital use. With this re-design, ILCON responds requests and ideas submitted by customers who want a robust, safe and dependable hand control unit.

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